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Aromatheraphy oil blends Santa Sita

Amiagus technology solutions were adapted for creating new effective products - aromatheraphy oil blends "Santa Sita".
The product line was developed in cooperation with Company "Ollo Desarro" (Spain).
The effectiveness of the products was tested by more than 6000 volunteers worldwide and is evidence based.

We have more than 75% of cases with the positive testimonials.

The assortiment consists of 3 products that are reccomended for specific symptoms:

  • "Comfort Joints"
  • "Light Legs"
  • "Soothing" 

New positions and categories are under development and will be added to product line soon.

Santa Sita demonstrated effectiveness during testing by olympic athletes at Lithuanian Olympic Sports Centre.
Special label was dedicated after the tests: "Physicians of Lithuanian Olympic Sports Centre Reccommend".

For more detailed information, testing, buying please visit online shop: santasita.eu


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