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We are research and technology development center, that has developed unique thermal spraying technology, unique surface treatment technology for modification of the sprayed layer, unique technology for production of honeycomb structured element for gaseous media treatment and surface charge modulation of composites with ionization process realized in each longitudinal channel of the unit.

Our experience


contains topic specific skills and global level achievements in research and development, publications and tens of patents since 90-s.

Our technology enables:

Production of apparatus for the formation of vapor or gas filled cavities in a flowing liquid when tensile stress is superimposed on the ambient pressure.

Patent pending


Production of system consisting of a mineral carrier and a functional coating,
where unique electrical surface charge that significantly affects the antibacterial and antivirus
effect of minerals with a thin or ultra-thin functional coating is given to such a
composite, using unique equipment. Patenting procedure in progress.



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Vision & Mission


Worldwide developing, supplying and licensing of environment-friendly innovative technological solutions.




Filling the gap between researchers and large-scale industry.
Working together with R&D and final users through EU Framework Programme and other international projects in various areas, such as:


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