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Treatment of Santa Sita products using innovative Non-thermal Plasma Technology (NTP) for food products processing

Natural bioactive compounds and plant extracts are comprised of small quantities of extra nutritional constituents providing both health benefits and enhanced nutritional value, based on their ability to modulate one or more metabolic processes.  Flavonoids, phytoestrogens, phenolic compounds, and carotenoids are bioactive compounds that aim to work in preventing diseases, including hypertension, atherosclerosis, and heart failure. Since they are obtained from renewable sources, they are not hazardous to health, and can have a curative effect. Furthermore, the use of natural dyes does not pose any problems with regard to the disposal of the product. Due to their important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they have a wide range of positive effects on the human body.


Treatment of the product is based on Non- thermal Plasma Technology (NTP) at safe dosages (Concentration, treatment time and input power) with good retention of important physical, chemical, sensory, quality and organoleptic parameters. Non- thermal plasma parameters are precisely controlled and have positive influence of NTP on selected functional components with a focus on low molecular weight bioactive compounds and vitamins. Induced changes are mainly associated with active components concentration and antioxidant activity enhancement. Also, improvement in the extraction efficiency of polyphenols and enhancement in bioactive materials is observed after the treatment process. The reactive species generated during non-thermal plasma treatment may contribute to an increase of the concentration of nutritious and bioactive compounds. These phenomena and similar effects are described in scientific publications.


The product is treated using safe JSC “Amiagus” NTP technology, advanced processing methods, to ensure the maximum positive effect with minimum amounts of active substances (bioactive components). Non-thermal plasma technology is also used to decontaminate and extend the shelf life of food products.


The totality of innovative solutions made it possible to create technology and equipment that enable the production of food supplements and oil blends that contain a minimum amount of active substances, but with a maximum positive effect.