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Production of rolled metal strip coated with catalytic support on one or both sides

After thermal spraying of metal oxides (copper, nickel, chromium, cobalt oxides) using our developed technology we receive a composite rolled material - steel strip (substrate) on both sides coated with support - total thickness about 50-70 microns. Strips of different metals, steels and alloys can be used, but presently we use the heat resistant chromium-aluminum steel strip OC404 (Sandvik, Sweden). Thickness of the strip is 30-40 microns and the width is 100-300 mm. The coated metal support has these physical properties:
  • Good adhesion to metal substrate;
  • High resistance to thermal cycling and gas erosion;
  • Low back pressure when shaped to honeycomb structure;
  • Electrical conductivity - opportunity to heat by electric current;
  • Low weight.





High adhesion of the coating to metal substrate is a unique feature of our composite material. This allows performing various mechanical operation, such as cutting, corrugation, perforation etc. without peeling or depletion of the coating.
This ready to use coated metal strip can be formed to the block of needed shape. After that catalyst with proper characteristics could be deposited the way it is deposited on the usual ceramic support. That way catalytic block with necessary chemical properties and unique physical characteristics can be produced.